“How We Are Connected” A NICODA Presentation in Development

NICODA Presents

“How We Are Connected”

Tickets: $10 Suggested Donation



This is a theatrical production in development
& Panel discussion with the artists and creators.

ONE NIGHT ONLY: Friday, Nov 4th & at 7pm
at The Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Astoria, Queens, New York

Inspired by National Geographic’s The Genographic Project, NICODA is developing an artistic response, which will show how world cultures and peoples are connected.  This is a 6 year program, which will begin in Fall 2012,  in collaboration with many diverse arts organizations and embracing the theme of ‘How We Are Connected.’

NICODA is The New International Center of Diverse Artists
and we believe that cultures should speak to each other

Tickets: $10 Suggested Donation
Limited Seating.  Get Your Tickets Early.

Attend This Wonderful Event & Join Our Journey.  Aspire!


NICODA is the New International Center of Diverse Artists, a performing arts organization that believes it is important that cultures speak to each other. Our mission is to provide a platform to excite artistic collaborations between an ethnically and culturally diverse group of artists and foster diversity in the arts, while encouraging artists to reach inside and touch their own unique vision of self and art. NICODA. Aspire. be.

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