New Opportunites for Performing Artists

The NICODA performing arts festival launches in the summer of 2011.  The event is designed to showcase the many talents of a large network of artists from dancers and musicians to poets and actors.  Multiple events, staged in many of NYC’s underserved neighborhoods, will function together in concert as an envoy of the arts.  

Contestants in each category will compete for prizes as they strive to bring beauty and illumination to the community.  If you would like to compete (or would like to nominate another artist), you can download the NICODA 2011 application here or inquire about the festival at

Until then, NICODA will work on producing a series of smaller events in conjunction with Contaminate NYC.  These events will help promote the wealth of talent that exists in NYC.  If you are an artist, we would like to help promote your work, exhibitions, and events.  If you would like assistance; send us an email, or find us around the web. Stay tuned for upcoming events!


NICODA is the New International Center of Diverse Artists, a performing arts organization that believes it is important that cultures speak to each other. Our mission is to provide a platform to excite artistic collaborations between an ethnically and culturally diverse group of artists and foster diversity in the arts, while encouraging artists to reach inside and touch their own unique vision of self and art. NICODA. Aspire. be.

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